Country(ish) Mouse (or CM, to her fellow mice) lives in Norfolk, with one husband, one shouty baby, and one long-suffering spaniel. She moved here several years ago from London, with previous stints in Italy, Leicestershire (where she grew up) and Lancaster. CM has never been much of a town mouse, but does still like to visit every so often, if only to remind herself why she decided to leave for a field in the first place.

When not engaged in fighting for space on the sofa, CM likes walking, cycling, cooking, baking, knitting, undertaking vastly overambitious craft projects, and dog training (despite all previous spaniel-training experiences, there are even some people who actually choose to be taught by her too). She is also cruelly forced to work for a living in between doing all these far more interesting things. Happily, there is almost always a dog under the desk to ease the pain of this. One day, CM will also get around to getting back on a horse again, no doubt to the amusement of all witnesses to this momentous occasion.


Country(ish) Mouse