Saturday, 21st May 2016

This picture was just too lovely not to put up! Teddy and I have been going to baby yoga since he was a mere 9 week whippersnapper. From the start we have enjoyed it very much (Teddy so much so that in our very first class he celebrated with an extravagant... Read more

Four months ago...

Monday, 25th April 2016

...a squealing, red-faced, squashed, cross little Winston Churchill lookalike entered into the world. And started to make his presence felt. Last night, for the first time in his little life, we slept in separate rooms. It was sooner than I had planned. I had been insistent that he would stay... Read more

That's more like it

Saturday, 16th April 2016

This is a bit more what I had in mind when I got pregnant. Long walks with Faithful Spaniel and Rosy Cheeked Cherub in pram. Fresh air and stuff. Granted, I didn't visualise quite how quickly the Faithful Spaniel would work out how distracted I was and use it to... Read more

The tunnel

Friday, 8th April 2016

For the first time for a long time, yesterday I felt like me again. For the first time for a long time, today the future is something to look forward to again. For the first time for a long time, a good day today isn't being overshadowed by the fear... Read more

Why Autumn Is Great

Sunday, 23rd November 2014

Autumn is easily my favourite time of year, I think. Yes, summer is great. It is nice to have longer days with more light I suppose. And the sunshine is nice. Barbecuing, I like that (although Mr CM does not, making it a rare event in our house). Spring also has its... Read more

Country(ish) Mouse Waxes Lyrical

Tuesday, 18th November 2014

Today, as on Friday, CM is in the grip of the terrible plague that is nasopharyngitis. Yes, CM has a cold. Obviously, I am dealing with this by being very brave, having taken to the sofa and built a small but functioning nest of tissues, Olbas Oil, lemsip pills and... Read more